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Wind Sprints and Why You Should be Doing Them

We all used to do them when we were younger.  You remember, just hauling ass in a straight line as fast as you could go.  When was the last time you tried doing that?

It’s a great way to gauge where you are at with your health right now. Plus wind sprints are really easy and you don’t need special gear or a gym membership. Just find a flat open area where you can crank it up. Be sure you find a remote spot without many witnesses if you can’t remember the last time you sprinted – just in case you crash.

Try this to start

Walk or jog for a quick warm up – 5 minutes will do. No need to stretch unless you plan on breaking some Olympic records. For those in the “must have a stretch camp”, by all means stretch all you want. I know the more difficulty we inject into a process the less likely it is to happen.  In other words, KISS.

The sprint

5 X 50 meter sprints with a 2-3 minute break between runs until you get your breath back. As you do this more your breaks will become shorter.


Remember to take some tips from Tom Cruise, the most popular sprinter in movie history.

  • Keep your core tight
  • Maintain quick arm swing and foot turnover
  • Explosions, everyone looks cool running with an explosion in the background

No need to go with 100 meters yet if you have not done this in a while, just get up to your top speed and see how it feels. You will be sore, but it’s a pain you can be proud of.

Benefits of Wind Sprints

  • Overall Strength increase
  • Burn extra calories
  • Increased conditioning
  • Does not take much time


Usain Bolt at 6’ 5” runs 100 meters in 9.63 seconds and 41 steps. I’m 6” 2” and run 44 steps as hard as I can. That’s somewhere under 100 meters and a considerably slower time – but I still feel like I’m moving. At 52 I can still outrun some of the high school kids in my neighborhood.

Give wind sprints a try and get back in touch with your youth. If you are unable to physically do this, you have just given yourself a challenge.

Get on it – See what happens – Fail often – Get on it again