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Making the Turn to Better Health

Today I’m writing about what I do to stay healthy and also to cast light on the big low-fat diet lie most of us bought hook, line and sinker. How could low-fat products have contributed to all-time high levels of obesity. Easy – they are the cause. How is that possible? I’m going to tell you from personal experience; I’ve been the guinea pig.

I’ve had some temporary weight loss traction from whiz bang diets, but long term they do not work. We’ve all been there. And by the way, weight loss is only one component of fitness. I know plenty of skinny soft people. You don’t want that either.

If you’re older it gets more difficult

I’m 52 and as we all know the older you get the more crap we have on our plate, literally and figuratively. Find the time. You have to take your health seriously. This is no game. We all know people who are health disasters; so take action now no matter how insignificant you think that action may be.

060414-N-5961C-004 Persian Gulf (April 14, 2006) Ð The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) make a turn after the completion another cycle of flight operations. Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike group has worked around the clock supporting forces on the ground in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Reagan is currently deployed as part of a routine rotation of U.S. maritime forces in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, as well as conducting Maritime Security Operations (MSO) in the region. MSO set the conditions for security and stability in the maritime environment as well as complement the counter-terrorism and security efforts of regional nations. MSO deny international terrorists use of the maritime environment as a venue for attack or to transport personnel, weapons, or other material. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Spike Call (RELEASED)

Making healthy lifestyle changes is like turning an aircraft carrier, it’s a slow process but it can be done.

  • Give yourself permission to make your health a priority
  • Get someone to do this with you
  • Take it seriously

To get started you can do any small step to improve your health. Don’t do everything at once. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re 40, 50 and over, some aspects of your life are going to have to permanently change or you will be where you are forever. Get set to change that mindset one step at a time.

Here are some easy money saving things you can do to get on the right path now.

  • Start walking – any distance no matter how small
  • Reduce or temporarily stop alcohol consumption
  • Stop the sugary drinks
  • Reduce consumption of processed foods.

Getting fit is not going to happen overnight. You didn’t get where you are over a short period of time did you? Any action you take is a good start. Please share this with a friend.

Get on it – See what happens – Fail often – Get on it again


7 Tips to Prevent Wasted Time in Emergency Preparedness

1. Maintain your fitness

My Preparedness priority. If you are not fit, the rest is just window dressing. You can have all the supplies you would ever need but if you can’t walk 3 miles with ease – I would recommend refocusing your priorities. This is the hardest aspect of Preparedness because it is the most painful. But this pain has a big payoff. If you are in an emergency situation the amount of extra work that needs to be done is shocking. Add not having A/C or heating and you quickly get the picture.

2. Do not store water in plastic milk jugs

It’s the perfect measure – 1 gallon with a handle. Unfortunately, you can’t properly clean that jug out and it’s more flimsy than you could imagine. The last thing you need in an emergency is contaminated water or leaking containers.

If you must go low cost, use 2-liter soda bottles.

3. Store as much water as you can safely

You don’t have to go to the store and buy cases of Evian – although it is great water. You can use 5-gallon water containers that will weigh in at 40 lbs. full. That’s a good weight for most to handle easily. Of course, you can always go much bigger than that if you have a basement. When I lived overseas, the landlord had a 2,000-liter stainless steel reservoir in the garage – nice.

4. Preparedness is more than storage

Preparedness is a mindset. The goal is to always be Aware – put it on the back burner where it should always be simmering. Don’t make it the absolute all-time priority. You have to enjoy your life.

5. Preparedness is more than guns

Being prepared is way more than having an arsenal with 10,000+ rounds of ammo. Some consider this the pinnacle of preparedness – I don’t. I’m also not a hypocrite. As retired military I’ve shot my share and have my favorites, so should you. With a minor search, you will find a bewildering array of articles on which weapon, make, and caliber is best. Do your homework and shoot me an email if you need help with some choices. I go with the basics and work much harder on my gardening/foraging skills than my marksmanship.

6. Read and read some more

Studying is critical for emergency preparedness. There are numerous venues of study: books, magazines, the Internet-of course, and training. Knowing about Preparedness is a very powerful tool. Get the basics down first: Water, Fire, Shelter. You would be amazed at how hard it can be to make a fire when you want to and how easy it is when you don’t.

We all have our weaknesses –mine is cold weather survival. What’s yours?

wasted time http://some.ly/9ut5kK
wasted time http://some.ly/9ut5kK

7. Don’t obsess

Finally, this ties into #3, keep Preparedness on your mind wherever you are but don’t let it take over. Notice things, be Aware and enjoy yourself.