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Up Helly Aa 2017 Lerwick, Shetland

Up Helly Aa Festival 2017

If you want a serious ass kicking bucket list destination, here it is: The Up Helly Aa Fire Festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands Scotland. The festival dates back to the 1800s and is celebrated throughout Shetland.

If you’re into Vikings, this is full on with songs, excellent costumes and a burning longboat in the end.

Prepare for a 24-hour blast of drinking, eating and freezing with the locals – it’s actually not that cold.

The biggest and most popular festival is in the capital city Lerwick.

The central figure of the festival is the Guizer Jarl and his squad of Vikings. If you follow the TV series Vikings, you’ll know the Jarl is the Viking King. It’s good to be king.

The Jarl is selected after many years of Up Helly Aa participation. It is well worth the journey.

Fantastic event, enjoy the video.